SRA Architect Inc. | Sunshine Coast Retreat

Sunshine Coast Retreat


This waterfront residence unifies the functions of form and materiality as determined by its highly secluded and exposed location. It does so by expressing the house as a focused refinement of the three main types of materials found on site; glass/water, natural stone/concrete and wood. Balancing the extensive transparency of the water-side façade with forms and materials that enhance the sense of comfort and stability. A central massing ‘anchors’ elements that extend to open views horizontally and vertically. The concrete structure provides material durability, while forest-floor harvested western red cedar provides a sense of warm. Designing self-sufficiency as an ideal and need in rural, sustainable projects. The house has a geothermal system, on-site potable water supply and on-site waste water management system.

Photo Credit: Peter Powles 2013